About us

We are a Spanish academy in which all our teachers have extensive experience. We teach students from all over the world, all ages, and at all levels.

Our goal is to make our country, our culture, and our language known, and if you dare to do language tourism with us, you will have your own teacher in the place you visit.

The success and satisfaction of all our students support us and that is why we are better every day. We would like to meet you and help you to progress in your Spanish learning.



Rafael Lobato, co-fundador de ELEna.

Director de Marketing. Andaluz.

Ana Vallejo, co-fundadora de ELEna.

Directora académica y profesora. De Salamanca.  

Our teachers

We are all native speaker and about our academic knowledge, we have got higher university degrees and we are specialized in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). We are teachers who are concerned about our training and who seek to keep up to date with the latest methodological advances. We love teaching and our lessons are very professional and dynamic.

Isabel. De Granada.

Andrés. De Almagro (Ciudad Real).

Our Methodology

The methodology we use is varied so that our classes are enjoyable and fun, but above all it is communicative. It is a method that places special emphasis on interaction and the use of language in real situations.

At all levels we use a basic manual, "Aula" (ed. Difusion) the student book and it is complemented with other materials to reinforce the knowledge learned such as songs, games, videos, newspaper or magazine articles ...

With all these tools, our students work on the four linguistic skills that are necessary to master a language very well: oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression and reading comprehension, in addition to grammar, which is essential to advance faster.

We adapt to the students at all times and adapt the classes to their needs since each group and / or has a different learning pace and dynamics.